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Planning and Packing for Evacuations

09/01/2021D & H Enterprises

With the dry heat of August comes the chance of another season of wildfires in California. Last year devastated many families, and as we’re still in the grip of a pandemic, the last thing California needs is more wildfire. We can only hope that people will behave responsibly to keep fires from spreading.

Many people were caught off-guard by last year’s evacuations. Californians lost homes and livelihoods suddenly and with minimal warning. We know now that it is vital to be prepared for an evacuation order and to plan ahead for unexpected issues that can come up.

There’s a long list of preparedness you should be working over. We recommend you concentrate some planning on three vital areas to make sure that you are ready 

Prepare yourself. Talk to your boss and your colleagues about ways you can all keep work going, even during the evacuation. Plan increments to do so that you have natural cut-and-run moments worked out.

Prepare your family. Make sure you and your spouse talk about how to do things. Know whether your kids should take a bus home from school or wait to be picked up, and communicate your idea to them.

Prepare your escape plan. You need your car in good working order. That means checking the tire treads, topping up fluids, and no long-ignored engine lights. Also essential is a survival kit with drinking water and snacks, should your vehicle be trapped or stranded somewhere.

The importance of Preventive Maintenance is never quite as straightforward as when there’s a crisis to drive the point home. The misgivings of ignored and missed signs can be fixed with work, but preventive maintenance saves money and helps prevent your car being vulnerable in a crisis. We want to be your auto repair service! Click on this link to schedule an appointment with us today. We’re located at 2689 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520. Our hours of operation are Mon - Fri: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

The Future of the American Family Car

Automobiles are one of the few inventions that have dramatically shifted American Culture. So much of American culture has been altered forever by the introduction of the automobile. Boomers forever changed dating with steady incomes and access to modern sedans. The 1950s saw a car culture emerge.The family cars we know today were very different just a few decades ago. Most people resided only a few miles from where they were born before the automobile was adopted. Ford was one of the first

The Holiday Season is here!

11/24/2021D & H Enterprises
We hope you and your family have many great traditions to explore together again this year, and we hope you'll be safe.Driving around in colder weather is just one of the challenges of driving during the Holiday Season. The bigger concern for Californians is the human factor. People feel pressured around the holidays to perform, provide, and prevail for their families. That level of pressure can be very toxic within your family and within other drivers, too. We have a bit of advice for anyo

Safety During Holidays

11/01/2021D & H Enterprises
2021 has been a challenging year, but it’s nearly over now. With fall turning into winter, cold weather and family obligations can also be complicated, even as the holidays bring us together in our families.And that hardness can turn inward and work to find an outlet. People who have no wish to be mean or ugly to you can be extraordinarily mean and ugly to you and your neighbors if they feel attacked or under pressure. You never know what dark demons someone else is struggling with until you tal

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