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Safety During Holidays

11/01/2021D & H Enterprises

2021 has been a challenging year, but it’s nearly over now. With fall turning into winter, cold weather and family obligations can also be complicated, even as the holidays bring us together in our families.

And that hardness can turn inward and work to find an outlet. People who have no wish to be mean or ugly to you can be extraordinarily mean and ugly to you and your neighbors if they feel attacked or under pressure. You never know what dark demons someone else is struggling with until you talk to them and ask them. Driving adds an element of life or death to it all.

Sitting in metal boxes on wheels, we can’t ask others what their needs are or reassure them that things will be alright. Stressed people tend to make others stressed by breaking the rules, laws or just being rude about managing a commute. It’s a victim/aggressor cycle spreading through traffic that only one person can break: the victim. It takes composure and courage to be kind when you have troubles of your own, and feel that you now have to shoulder someone else’s grievances that have unfairly been left on your doorstep -- or, in this case, the hood of your car.

When someone becomes angry, takes advantage of you, or puts you in danger in traffic, one of the most critical steps is to take a deep breath and let go of the anger their actions made you feel. Collect yourself while you maintain control of your car. And when you have a moment to reflect, try to extend grace to that person. Doing so is being highly considerate of the other drivers and passengers on the road that you might affect. Try not to let someone else’s horrible mood turn your mood bitter and destructive. Smile for the accident you have avoided and how much easier that makes your drive.

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