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The Holiday Season is here!

11/24/2021D & H Enterprises

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We hope you and your family have many great traditions to explore together again this year, and we hope you'll be safe.

Driving around in colder weather is just one of the challenges of driving during the Holiday Season. The bigger concern for Californians is the human factor. People feel pressured around the holidays to perform, provide, and prevail for their families. That level of pressure can be very toxic within your family and within other drivers, too. 

We have a bit of advice for anyone going out into the holiday traffic this year:

Get your head on straight. Don't bring aggression with you if you plan to drive your family. Leave it aside, and deal with any problems that are building in you; before you begin a long drive.

Use the tools at your disposal. Various apps can help you navigate a trip. Explore apps that navigate, apps that check gas prices, and apps that predict weather problems in the areas you plan to drive.

Take your time. There's no race. It might not be a situation that you want to linger in, but don't let yourself make rash decisions out of edginess.

Regulate the kids. If you give the kids a dozen sugar cookies just before they drive out to see grandma, it is your fault when you find them climbing the walls and needing constant bathroom breaks.

Use a car that's in solid condition. Don't trust a holiday outing to a car that's been largely neglected in 2021. Ensure that the car you drive has had a recent check-up and the preventative maintenance it needs to keep driving.

We hope you and your family will have a great holiday and that they will all get home safely. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your car, book your appointment here or visit D&H Enterprises at 2689 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520, and we will gladly assist you! 

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